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Company Overview

D-Link is a worldwide leader and award-winning designer, developer, and true manufacturer of networking, broadband, wireless, data/voice communications and converged digital connectivity solutions for the business and digital home customer.

Utilizing groundbreaking technology, D-Link specializes in several key networking product-segments addressing customers’ needs at every level from SOHO and SMB to Workgroup to Enterprise environments.

With global manufacturing, strict adherence to International Standards Organization ISO 9001, 9002, ISO 14001 guidelines and numerous technical awards earned for R&D and manufacturing, D-Link delivers guaranteed product excellence, quality, reliability, compatibility, high-performance within standards, and easy installation.

Global Presence

D-Link has increased its world-class production capacity to more than a million square feet of manufacturing facilities in six state-of-the-art factories in four countries- including Taiwan and the United States. D-Link has been profitable every year since its inception in 1986, and continues to grow at a tremendous pace with several units reporting triple-digit annual growth. D-Link also sets market standards for offering the highest cost/benefit ratio offering unsurpassed value to its customers and thus living up to its principle mission of: “Building Networks for People.”

D-Link Middle East

D-Link Middle East, Regionally headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, is the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) division of D-Link Worldwide.

Centrally located between the Persian Gulf and North Africa, D-Link ME manages all independent D-Link business units, spread across its entire MENA territory. With sales/support-offices in Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, the UAE, KSA & Morocco with several major distributors across 26 countries, D-Link ME is at the forefront of network-technology provision in the Region.

As a premier manufacturer of Networking Devices with one of the broadest product-lines in the industry, D-Link is positioned perfectly in the rapidly evolving Middle East IT landscape. With one of the world’s highest population growth rates, educated work force, advanced infrastructure and sophisticated project potential, the MENA Region is growing at a phenomenal pace. Infrastructure liberalization and alternative communication methods are fueling concerted demand for high quality networking components at all levels from enterprise to SOHO/SMB.

D-Link serves this demand through a well structured, disciplined and mature business-model addressing the true needs and requirements of the Region. This localized approach allows D-link ME to reach deep into the Middle East market where the brand enjoys tremendous brand-equity and market-share in all product segments.

D-Link ME follows a well-defined channel strategy, working closely with its partners to achieve mutual objectives. Local and regional markets are served through a carefully selected and reliable distribution network with ample policy provisions to nourish and support resale, export, retail, corporate, solutions and project customers. Loyalty and reward programs are integrated strongly into the overall business strategy to enhance customer satisfaction and retention at every level of the channel.
D-Link Middle East’s Business, Support departments, plus warehouse are located in Jebel Ali, home to hundreds of leading IT companies and the undisputed IT hub for the MENA region. Warehousing, shipping and delivery activities are conducted through a state-of the-art 3000 sq feet logistics facility located beside the office.

The Dubai-based D-Link Middle East operation consists of a comprehensive sales, support and consultancy center. From technical support to project-design and certified training to retail development, D-Link ME offers a gamut of valuable customer-benefit activities. The management team consists of experienced, certified engineers and business management professionals from diverse technical backgrounds.

The Company also plans to double its stocking capacity in Jebel Ali to accommodate growing demand. The growth strategy also includes further expansion of local operations through proactive market leadership, next-generation technology introduction and creative deployment.