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DRO-1002 DRO-1002 DRO-1002 Router Host, 2 FE Ports, 1 Console Port, 2 SIC Slots, AC Version, No fan Design, with accessories, manual, cables

DRO-2024 DRO-2024 DRO-2024 Router Host, 2 FE ports, 1 Console port, 1 AUX ports, 2 NMX slots ,4 SIC slots, with Cables, accessories

DRO-3044 DRO-3044 DRO-3044 Router Host, 1*RCM Slot, 4*NMX Slots, without FAN, AC Version

DRO Series SIC Modules

SIC-1HS SIC-1HS 1-Port High-speed Synchronous Serial SIC Module

SIC-1B-U SIC-1B-U 1-Port ISDN SIC Module(U Interface)

SIC-1B-S/T SIC-1B-S/T 1-Port ISDN SIC Module(S/T Interface)

SIC-1E1-F SIC-1E1-F 1-Port Non-channalized  SIC Module (E1-F)

SIC-4ESW SIC-4ESW 4-Port 10/100BASE-TX L2 Switch SIC Module